Roller shutter systems

Ready-to-install roller shutter systems from Döllken Profiles are in use anywhere where the optimal use of surfaces and space is a significant consideration. At the same time, these design elements provide a perfect alternative to traditional hinged doors for office, kitchen, bathroom, caravan and household furniture.

Exceptions are the rule

A roller shutter element may seem inconspicuous at first glance, but in the furniture and caravan industry, for example, components of this kind are utterly indispensable. Thanks to our competence and technical expertise, we create individual roller shutter systems for every application. This includes injection moulding solutions, curved rail systems and aluminium profiles for decor composites. Even complex mechanical processing of all kinds and acoustically effective profiles form part of our system concept.


  • Expand the design of your products – thanks to the unlimited range of SURTECO decors
  • Guarantee decor uniformity– thanks to the use of identical foils for rotating body and roller shutter systems
  • Reduce storage and assembly costs – thanks to just-in-time delivery of complete ready-to-install, pre-assembled systems

Roller shutter systems by Döllken Profiles

Functional, extremely resistant and noticeably quiet – and should you want it, in the same decor as the rotating body.

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