Technical profiles and roller shutter systems

We are driven by the gleam in the eyes of the people we deal with. We create this gleam in the eyes of customers whose expectations have been accurately met or exceeded, which is achieved by identifying and delivering on opportunities, and exporting them to more than 50 markets worldwide. Our 464 employees work passionately every day to contribute to this success story, which has transformed Döllken into a leading expert in the field of extruded Technical profiles and Roller shutter systems. This is the result of continuing to build and develop excellent customer relationships.

What do our customers like about us?

For more than 60 years Döllken have been experts in the design, development and manufacture of high quality plastic extruded profiles. Although our services are primarily intended for companies operating within the Industrial sector, our capabilities and expertise enables us to support on all aspects of design and innovation led projects, supplying quality products to customers spanning multiple market sectors and many diverse applications on a global scale. Our services are divided into two key categories: Technical profiles and Roller shutter systems, where the application, shape and functionality of our profiles are almost limitless.

System concept

The project brief, understanding the customer needs, manufacturing processes and project timescales are always the key focus of any solution that we offer. Our dedicated and professional Sales, Marketing & Engineering teams will deliver your project safely, to specification, on time and on cost, helping to drive your sales opportunities, strategic growth and business success!

Here at Döllken, we provide solutions for both High and Low volume production.

Customers trust us worldwide

Because of our wide range of services and ability to meet individual customer requirements, our customer portfolio ranges from furniture manufacturers, climate control and refrigeration technology, right through to complex fields of application in the automotive and electronics industries. Thanks to our many years of experience and technical expertise, we have developed industry-specific know-how, with our profiles incorporated into hundreds of thousands of pieces of furniture worldwide and recognised globally for decades for their quality and reliability. We have no limits when it comes to implementing your project – either technically or geographically.

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Our philosophy

As a globally-minded and pro-active company, at Döllken Profiles GmbH, we always endeavour to provide optimal performance in terms of quality and service, and we take environmental and energy concerns and their impact into account in all areas of our activities. We are a German, medium-sized company within the SURTECO GROUP SE international group of companies, and we are aware of our responsibility towards our internal and external stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, the environment, suppliers, society and associations).
In order to be able to expediently control and direct our expectations and obligations (binding, legal as well as our own obligations with regard to environmental protection, energy use, consumption and efficiency) in order to obtain optimal results, we are focused on continuously improving our products, services and processes in the following main areas:

1. The quality of our products and services
2. The impact of our activities and products on the environment
3. The improvement of our specific energy consumption